In the top Menu bar, click Add New Home.

Ensure that you complete all mandatory fields, including the street address and town. The address and town are important since they will help you identify your homes more easily at a later date.

We also recommend that you include a photograph of the front of the home. This will show up as a thumbnail image in HomeScore.

Once you have rated more that one home in HomeScore, scroll to the top of the screen and click Compare Homes. You can compare up to 3 homes within the App.





From here, you will select Compare next to the 3 homes that you’d like to see side-by-side.







Then click Compare next to the 3 homes near the top of the screen.

Whether you’re in the Add New Home screen or Edit under My Homes, you can click Select Image.

From there you can use your smartphone’s camera or saved images to provide a picture of the front of the home.

By doing so, it will make it easier for you to later find and identify the homes that you’ve saved and rated.

To make HomeScore easy to use and navigate, we’ve limited the number of items that you can rate for each home.

If you’d like to make additional comments on items that are or are not included in HomeScore, click the Add Notes or Photos button.

Since HomeScore only rates and compares 12 items in the home, you will want to contact your AmeriSpec home inspector for a home inspection.

Click the My Account icon at the top right of HomeScore.

Then click My Profile and Edit My Profile.

From here you can add the contact information and photo of your Realtor and AmeriSpec Home Inspector.

HomeScore is not a home inspection App. It’s a tool to help you track, rate and compare your favourite homes that you’ve visited with your Realtor.

Click here to find an AmeriSpec home inspector near you who will perform a 400-point, 1,000-checkpoint professional inspection and provide you with a detailed written report on his or her finds.

HomeScore is a tool to allow you to keep track of the Homes that your realtor has shown you and to get you thinking about some of the important items in the home that you’d like to purchase; things like the roof, exterior grading, windows and doors and more.

On the other hand, a professional AmeriSpec home inspection will examine 400 items and about 1,000 checkpoints during s typical 3 hour inspection.

You will also receive a detailed written report showing our findings and recommendations complete with photographs of any defects or concerns.

When you’ve completed your home search and have selected the perfect home, it’s time to contact your local AmeriSpec office for your 1,000 checkpoint inspection. You can find your local office here: inspector locator.

AmeriSpec is the leading home inspection company in Canada and North America.

We have been conducting home inspections for 30 years and have inspected more homes than any other company. We’re part of ServiceMaster, one of the most respected home services businesses in Canada.

Our professional home inspection services examine 400 items and about 1,000 checkpoints during a typical 3 hour inspection.

In addition to home inspections, your local office may also offer other services such as Healthy Homes (radon testing, indoor air quality, mould), home energy evaluations and more.

You can find your local office at www.amerispec.ca

Yes, in addition to your mobile device, you can also login to HomeScore with your laptop or desktop computer.

There is a limited amount of screen space on a smart phone, so we are limited to comparison of three homes.

HomeScore is a consumer Web-App that helps homebuyers think about some of the more important things in a home.

Homebuying can be an emotional experience where you can fall in love with the architecture, the size of the rooms and the layout of the home.

We agree that these are very important things, but AmeriSpec also wants you to think about some of the components of the home that could cost you a lot of money if they are old or in poor condition.

HomeScore asks you to rate 12 easy parts of the home so that you can compare all of the homes that you’ve seen and to remember which one was in the best condition.

While HomeScore will help you organize the homes you’ve visited, it’s still not a substitute for a home inspection by a certified, professional AmeriSpec home inspector.

Since most people do not buy or sell homes every day, our clients often have questions about what exactly is involved in a home inspection. This FAQ will help you know more before the inspection even starts.

We Are Generalists
We are performing a “limited, visual inspection.” That means we are trained to recognize problems in a home that we can see without taking things apart or moving other people’s property around. We are also trained to notice other symptoms which could indicate deeper problems. In this case, we may recommend a qualified specialist review for that area. This is just like when you go to the doctor. If something out of the ordinary is detected, he or she may recommend you see a specialist.

Your New Home Will Likely Have Problems
There is no such thing as a perfect home, even a brand-new home. And, even if it was close to perfect the day it was built, it will not be perfect after time has passed. Homes are made up of several interconnecting systems which, over time, require maintenance and will wear down. It is OK for your home to have issues.

Almost Anything Can Be Fixed
There are a few things that clients never want to hear about the home: mould, asbestos, safety. Yes, they can be scary but they are no scarier than a furnace that needs replacing or windows that need repairs and painting. Let us help point you in the right direction for anything we observe that is of concern to you. Your realtor has seen and dealt with most all the concerns you have. They have ready information to get you in touch with the right professionals if needed. Almost everything can be fixed and just because it was here, does not make it a ‘bad house’.

Not Everything Will Get Fixed
As stated above, no home is perfect…ever. Not everything that can be fixed will be fixed. Even our own homes have repairs that need to be done and systems that are ready to be updated. It is just part of owning a home. All homeowners make choices what to fix and when. You will do the same when this is your home.

We Cannot Predict the Future
We wish we could tell you how long the roof will last or when the furnace will need to be replaced. It’s just not possible. We can give you an idea how long they normally last and what kind of condition they are in now. But no one can predict the future.

We Will Not Find Everything Wrong in The Home
We are here to find the big stuff…the stuff we think you would want to know. Things of consequence like water, safety, structure. We will not find or report on everything wrong in the home. That is just not what we are here for. Owning and maintaining a home is a continuous process. Every year we find, and sometimes fix, things in our own homes that have been there since it was built.

Get Your Heart and Head Together
It can be incredibly tough to step back from your love of the home to see it as an investment. Once you see a list of repairs and observations, it can be a bit overwhelming. Take a deep breath. Our report may include a few things that need to be done now. But it will mostly be a to do list while you own the home. Not everything needs to be done right away and a good inspector will help you understand that. Take things one at a time and don’t let a list affect your love of the home.

After you’ve found your favourite home in HomeScore, it’s time to call AmeriSpec for a home inspection. Find your nearest office here. 

On an iPhone or iPad

  1. Open up Safari and load HomeScore.
  2. At the bottom of the screen you’ll see an icon depicting an arrow pointing upwards from a square.  Tap this button.
  3. Select”Add to Home Screen”.

On an Android device:

  1. Launch Chrome for Android
  2. Open HomeScore.
  3. Tap the menu button and then Add to Homescreen.

Click the My Account icon at the top right of HomeScore.

Then click My Profile and Edit My Profile.

From here you can add the contact information and photo of your local AmeriSpec Home Inspector and Realtor. If you don’t know who your local AmeriSpec inspector is, click here.

Click the My Account icon at the top right of HomeScore.

Then click My Profile.

From here you will see your personal and unique Referral Link. Every time you share your link, you’ll be helping others make it easier to track their favourite homes and you’ll be one step closer to hitting your next Reward level.

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